And to all the wannabe "hackers" out there reading this
-- we ALL know you're there -- 

AOL Staffer

Quoted on the 
"Kill America Online" Web page

On November 10, 1996, the original author of "Hacker Comics" gave permission to return his work to this web page, provided his handles were removed from the art.

The hacker ran a web page containing instructions on password phishing, accessing AOL staff areas, and using AOL overhead accounts. He even published an internal America Online resource center newsletter. ("Frequent the ARC. It's a goldmine of info for a wannabe hacker.")

He also posted and commented on some of the internal posts found in the ARC area. ("Just goes to show you how pathetic some of the posts at the ARC are," he wrote recently.) His web page promised the "latest (and possibly greatest) phishing scam"--but - -"No lamers will be told."

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